Illuminated light switch for Airstream trailers
lighted hot water switch for Airstream trailers.


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SwitchAware switches illuminate red to indicate that an outside light, cabinet light, or hot water light(s) are on. SwitchAware switches replace the black or white rocker switches you currently have, and they snap into your existing light switch frame. 

Each SwitchAware kit includes: 6’ of ground wire, an illuminated (red) rocker switch, one push-on connector (to connect the ground wire to the switch), one ring connector (to connect the other end of the ground wire to your Airstream), and one stainless screw and washer. The kit comes with a fully-illustrated, step-by-step instruction sheet (that you can also download, below) that guides you through installation. SwitchAware units are ideal for outside lights, hot water (electric and/or propane), as well as hidden cabinet lights. 

Also see our SwitchAware Relay Kit (prevents electric hot water light from illuminating if RV is not connected to shore power).

Click here to download SwitchAware installation instructions. PDF