QuickLoader tapers shotgun shells for quick loading into shotguns
Tapered shotshells can feed more easily into double barrel shotguns for cowboy action shooting.
Use QuikLoader to easily taper shotgun shells.
Use your MEC Jr shotshell loader to prepare a shotshell taper with QuikLoader.
Taper your shotshells when reloading with QuickLoader.
Tapered shotshells make loading double barrel shotguns quick and easy.
Win awards in cowboy action with shotgun shells tapered by QuikLoader.
is tapering shotgun shells legal for SASS

QuikLoader shotshell taper tool

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Cut seconds off your score with a QuikLoader precision 12ga resizing die that fits into your MEC Jr, MEC Grabber, MEC 650 and 9000 progressive, and MEC Sizemaster shotshell loaders to put a SASS-legal 3° taper on the leading 1/2˝ of your shells. Especially important for Cowboy Action Shooting™, QuikLoader enables fast and efficient loading of shotshells into double-barrel shotguns, and it works great for feeding shells into the action on '83 and '97 shotguns as well. QuikLoader and the tapered shells it produces are SASS Legal!

For more information on SASS approval click HERE.

Compatibility: MEC Jr, MEC Grabber, MEC 650 and 9000 progressive, MEC Sizemaster, Texan, and similar loaders. (We will continue to update this list as we get more information.)

Operation for MEC Jr: After you have loaded and crimped all your shells, you temporarily remove your first crimping die and install QuikLoader in its place. Then you quickly run your shells through the one QuikLoader station to taper the lead edge and final size the entire shell. Produce up to 1,800 tapered shells per hour. (Change-out time from MEC first crimping die to QuikLoader is less than two minutes. Does not upset your MEC settings.)

Operation for MEC 650 or 9000: Since the QuikLoader permanently replaces the last sizing die, your loading and QuikLoader-tapering are done in one operation.

Includes: instructions, one QuikLoader precision-machined die, one standard-depth spacer, one 1˝ attaching bolt, one 1-1/4˝ attaching bolt, and ten washers (in case you wish to adjust the desired taper - although we recommend using the provided spacer for easy setup and maximum taper).

A must for double-barrel shotgun cowboy shooters.

To download a QuikLoader installation manual click HERE.

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