Cowboy Action

Cowboy Action Shooting™ calls for accuracy, quick reaction, and smooth-working firearms. QuikLoader puts a 3° SASS-legal taper in the leading 1/2˝ of your 12-gauge shotshells to facilitate the feeding shotshells into your shotgun and cut seconds off your score. No more fumbling!

Shells that have been tapered by QuikLoader can enter the chamber more easily and at a steeper angle in all directions to help you virtually drop the shells into the chambers. QuikLoader improves feeding in Winchester Model '97 pump-action and Model '87 lever-action shotguns, too!

QuikLoader fits your MEC Jr or MEC Sizemaster and temporarily replaces the first crimping die. First, you load and crimp all rounds you need in a loading session, then install QuikLoader and quickly and easily taper your rounds. Change-out is a snap and does not upset any of the MEC's settings. At a comfortable pace you can taper 1,600-1,800 shells per hour.

Kit includes detailed instructions, QuikLoader sizing/tapering die, spacer, washers (for a range of adjustments). and knurled thumbscrew.

Click here to download installation and instruction PDF